I have been thinking a lot this week about the dualities that we experience in our human lives. New clients often come to coaching with a confusion about how to be both intentional and accepting at the same time. They have a desire to be in action and to achieve their goals but they also want to be able to flow with life and have a sense of peace when things don’t go the way they hoped.

I have found that a graceful dance between effort and ease is one of the keys to personal fulfillment. 

Sure, that is easy to write prettily in a blog post, but how do we actually live in this delicate place? To start, it is important to listen to your inner dialogue about what you want. It often sounds or feels like an inner conflict: one part of you wants to work towards accomplishing your goal and another part is hesitant or doubting.

When you listen deeply to the different “you voices” inside, you can hear thei