Savannah is my champion! “Savannah is supportive in such an intuitive, nurturing and non-invasive way. Her consistent ways of checking in and sharing insight helps me to feel grounded and supported in trying out new ways of integrating with the world around me. I feel heard and seen and understood. I am thankful for her way of holding me accountable to living my authentic life.”

A.M., Artist, Your Content Goes Here

You should really call Savannah today…”Savannah is simply the best. She listens with compassion, humor and intelligence, and helps you come to your own conclusions. She has a real gift for cutting through the confusion and extraneous information. You leave a session with incredible clarity and energy for moving forward. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

J.W. Artist, Business owner, Your Content Goes Here

Consistently transformative sessions! ”I first saw Savannah 3 years ago for about 5 months. I was a new mom and unhappy with my career decisions. Seeing her really helped to calm and ground me, and also to trust my own intuition about my next steps. I came back to see her recently and have found the same consistently transformative feedback and guidance. Seeing Savannah, I believe in the power of coaching to help me live the way I want to live my life. Every time, I feel more centered and confident about where I am going.”

A.Q., Health Coach, Your Content Goes Here

So blessed! ”I’ve known Savannah for over 14 years. She guided me back from postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter many years ago and recently I have sought life coaching from her. Empathetic, kind and intelligent – I feel “heard” and understood for the first time in years. Her metaphors, humor and guidance have lifted me from a place of old, toxic patterns. She is, without question, the most emotionally gifted and empathetic human I have been fortunate enough to have in my life.”

L.J. Educator, Mother, Your Content Goes Here

Wise Intuitive Experience With Practical Solutions! “Working with Savannah has been a rich and wonderful experience. She immediately grasps what is important and hones in on it, even things I might have written off or not paid attention to. Her experience and resources helped me navigate a particularly challenging situation quickly and easily, saving me a lot of time and stress. My view of what is possible has expanded to include parts of myself and my life that I had forgotten about or given up on, and now I have a plan for how to get there.”

L.V. Artist, Your Content Goes Here

Best of both worlds!”Savannah is great! And so is her unique, custom tailored services in exploring new career avenues and exploring healing through her awesome body work. Highly recommended!!”

C.F., Mama, Entreprenuer, Your Content Goes Here

Life Coaching to Support Women and LGBTQIA+ Individuals

Cultivating your inner clarity for positive change

Choose your direction

Nurture Life Coaching was established by Savannah Mayfield in 2004 as a healing practice to nurture and support women in their personal and professional growth and emotional and mental wellbeing. We expanded our services to embrace the LGBTQIA+ community in 2012 in recognition of the need for caring and accepting providers. In 2021 Savannah took a step back from giving direct care to clients so that she could pursue a broader mission and she began mentoring Stephanie to continue to offer coaching to NLC clients.

NLC is a values-based organization that upholds the rights of all individuals to receive culturally responsive care that honors their wisdom and wholeness. We practice emotionally focused and evidence-based coaching that connects our clients to their values and helps them to take action to create change in their lives and communities.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership where we hold space and listen without judgment, acknowledge our clients strengths and challenges and support them in building the lives and communities they envision. You can expect to get more clarity on your goals, learn skills like mindful awareness and self-acceptance to cope with the challenges of life and be celebrated and encouraged on your journey. And ultimately, the direction is yours to choose.