Savannah Mayfield, LMT, CEC

Certified Life Coach & Licensed Massage Therapist, Focusing on Women and LGTBQ Individuals

Cultivating your inner clarity for positive change 

life coach Savannah Mayfield

Photo credit: Jen Downer

I believe that when we are realizing the values of our hearts and living with intention and purpose, we are powerful and creative.

Imagine a life where you feel deeply connected in your relationships, authentically express yourself and feel inspired by your work. You listen to your inner voice and nurture, care for yourself so that you have more to give those you love. You are actively working to create the world you believe is possible, creating belonging and standing up against oppression and injustice.

As a life and career coach it is my honor to partner with women and LGTBQ individuals in their personal growth, professional success and intentional living. Through the coaching relationship, I listen without judgment, acknowledge your challenges and support you in manifesting your vision. We will work together to build on your talents and strengths. We will speak truth about the forces in the world that make it hard for you to be yourself.

We will ask your deepest questions and listen together for the answers. Not just from your wise mind, but we will also listen to your heart and your body.

Are you ready to transform your life and the world?

In connection,