Life coaching is a partnership that supports you in connecting with your inner purpose and passion.  It inspires action that creates and sustains fulfilling results in your personal and professional life.

Coaching is not therapy, consulting or casual conversation. It is a powerful experience that connects you to your inner wisdom and can be the key to moving out of the past and into the present to create the future with consciousness. Using creative exercises, inquiry and mindful awareness, these sessions support you in creating deep and lasting change.

As your life coach, my job is to intently listen, be a mirror for your greatness, ask powerful questions, offer insightful feedback, and support you in moving forward with intention. We will celebrate your successes, acknowledge your challenges and creatively strategize when you feel stuck. We will identify and question the systems of oppression that impact your wellbeing and your sense of your own value and worth.

I believe that our inner obstacles like limiting beliefs and fear get in the way of having fulfilling outcomes. In order to succeed with your goals and achieve your potential, you must know yourself, be willing to shift your thinking and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom.


Coaching Sessions:

*Life Coaching Session

This 50 minute session via videoconference will help you clarify your goals and take action that is in alignment with your values. We will take a holistic approach to your life, considering all areas as equally important. Most clients find that meeting twice per month is ideal, with email support between sessions. The first session will be 70 minutes and include an intake.

Includes session notes and one email check in with me.  I will email you intake information once you schedule!


*Resume writing, career consulting and interview prep

I’ve invited Linda Chase, who has years of experience as a recruiter and master communicator, to work with my clients on refining their resumes and practicing for interviews to have more clarity on their chosen career path. You can find out more about her and inquire about pricing here