Life coaching is a partnership that supports you in connecting with your inner purpose and passion.  It inspires action that creates and sustains fulfilling results in your personal and professional life.

Coaching is not therapy, consulting or casual conversation. It is a powerful experience that connects you to your inner wisdom and can be the key to moving out of the past and into the present to create the future with consciousness. Using creative exercises, inquiry and mindful awareness, these sessions support you in creating deep and lasting change.

As your life coach, my job is to intently listen, be a mirror for your greatness, ask powerful questions, offer insightful feedback, and support you in moving forward with intention. We will celebrate your successes, acknowledge your challenges and creatively strategize when you feel stuck. We will identify and question the systems of oppression that impact your wellbeing and your sense of your own value and worth.

I believe that our inner obstacles like limiting beliefs and fear get in the way of having fulfilling outcomes. In order to succeed with your goals and achieve your potential, you must know yourself, be willing to shift your thinking and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom.

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Coaching Sessions:

*Life Coaching Session $95

This 60 minute session in my office will help you clarify your goals and take action that is in alignment with your values. We will take a holistic approach to your life, considering all areas as equally important. Most clients find that meeting twice per month is ideal, with email support between sessions.

Includes session notes and one email check in with me. Your first session will be a Foundation Session that will be 75 minutes long and cost $110. I will email you intake information once you schedule!

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*Career Coaching Session $95

This 60 minute session will focus on your strengths, personality style, personal needs and interests to help you redefine your relationship to work. We will use well-tested tools and exercises to give you new perspective on your career path. These sessions are appropriate if you are just starting your career, or you are ready for a transition or just want to love what you already do more.

Your first session will be a Foundation Session that will be 75 minutes and cost $110. I will email you intake information once you schedule!

Includes session notes and one email check in with me.

*Virtual Support Session $45

Support and guidance thru videoconferencing! This 30 minute virtual session is helpful for when you need to hear a calm, empathetic perspective, want to practice some mindful nervous system settling or need to do some quick planning and strategizing. From the comfort of your home or office!

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*Creative Brainstorm Session $125

This 90 minute session gives us plenty of time for out-of-the-box thinking and brainstorming. We will get the white board out and recreate your vision for your business, project or venture. Also includes direct feedback from me on your idea or project.

Must be done in person. Includes session notes or photos and one email check in with me.

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*Mastermind Group Coaching, price varies on size

Meeting with a small group of like-minded individuals, you can share the cost and the experience of coaching. An affordable and effective way to create powerful change in your life! Invite a friend or two and experience the power of group support!

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Massage and Bodywork Combo, $125

This 90 minute session will support you in connecting deeply to the wisdom of your body and creating positive change in your health and life. Using mindfulness and body awareness, this unique session allows you to get the benefits of bodywork and coaching in one session!

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