I have always had an innate drive for learning, healing and helping. I was the kid hiding under her blanket with a flashlight reading late into the night and the friend others came to when they needed support. I was always a little “different”, asking the deeper questions, exploring spirituality and the meaning of it all.

While on a scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin, I surprised everyone (myself included) by getting pregnant and eventually becoming a single mama. While my son was a true gift, it was challenging and a test of my spirit and courage.

It took me a couple of extra years, but I did graduate with honors with a degree in Creative Writing. In pursuing writing, I followed my heart. After college, I spent a few years waiting tables and furiously typing away in coffee shops, writing short fiction. I continued to have the feeling that there was something more that I was supposed to do.

Because I love people, I pursued post-graduate education in healing and personal growth. I have an eclectic toolbox of skills after graduating from the following programs: Santa Fe School of Massage, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and M.E.T.A., a mindfulness-based counseling program.

nurture life coaching

Photo credit: Jen Downer

I really do understand what it feels like to lose your way. Because I have lived through the dark moments of self-doubt and hit the walls of seemingly impossible obstacles, I am even more passionate about seeing my clients thrive.

There is nothing more inspiring to me than helping others deeply connect to their own meaningful purpose. I believe that everyone has an inner wisdom that can guide them to be their most true, creative and fulfilled self. In our coaching sessions, we explore that together.

In the past 15 years, my life has changed so much.  I have a life partner who is a writer/photographer/journalist and together we had a second son, now twelve years old. I have a close relationship with my grown son; we love to hit the ski mountain together and we have long talks about most everything.

If you are looking for an collaborator who can understand your hardships and hold a vision with you of your possibilities, I would love to be your Life and Career Coach!