I believe…

…that a peaceful, centered, grounded self is a self that sees the world and it’s challenges most clearly. In this space of clarity, we all have the capacity to make our best choices, and move forward toward greater happiness.

…in the power of having an ally. When another, trusted person sees us in our vulnerability, stays by our side, and doesn’t shy away from the messiness of life, it increases our bravery and our willingness to empower ourselves.

…that you are whole, complete, and competent, just as you are. AND there are ways that you can grow to make your life smoother and happier. Having an ally who listens deeply, sees your best intentions, and stands by you as you seek to find your way can make all the difference.

My life has led me down many roads, many of which took me unexpected places. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and I have traveled to China twice to study Qi Gong and Buddhism. I have been deeply involved in the local Theravada Buddhist community for over eight years, and living a mindful life has become the cornerstone of my existence. This has helped to guide me through questions about my identity, relationships, my future, and my past.

After ten years of marriage, then a divorce, and becoming a single mom to two spectacular children, I had to re-examine everything about my life and how I could stand tall in this world. This meant looking deeply into myself as a parent, as a daughter and a sister, as a friend, and as an independent woman with more responsibility than I was comfortable with. Therapy, coaching, and intentional support networks have proven themselves to be invaluable to me. I have found substantial growth through creative endeavors such as charcoal drawing and avid, gluten-free baking, but it is true connection with people that really feeds my soul.

We all know what it’s like to find ourselves in unexpected circumstances. How did we get here? What decisions and beliefs have affected this outcome? How do we want to do things differently in the future? What do we need to understand about ourselves to get there?

As a coach, I am delighted an honored to work with women, the LGTBQ community, and teens facing transitions in their lives. Together, I believe that we can explore the avenues that lead directly to a happier, more empowered life. I so look forward to connecting with you and being a true ally for you in your process of living your best, most intentional life!

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