These are my most trusted professional connections:

Life and Career Coaching:

Michelle Emory:

Sam Salenger:

Coaching Collective:

Occupational therapy for life skills:

Career Coaching and Counseling:

Business coaching with Kate Holly:

Business coaching with Karen Guth:

Spiritual coaching with Audra:

Nervous system support with Jessica:


Motheroots Counseling:
KellyJoy Kanaley:
Audrianna Gurr:
Mark Henry:
Gwenn Cody:
Philip Yasenoff:
Tom Fuller:
Family Ties Counseling:
META Clinic, low-cost mindfulness based therapy:

Mental Health/Medication Support:

Adria Goodness:
Hieke Sommer:
Krista Emmert-Tricarico:

Massage Therapy:

Brooke Brand-smith:
Megan Alm:
Iara Massage:

Healing and Intuitive Sessions:

Amy Bean of Radiance Healing Arts
Aleyah Swan, Angel Readings 

Spiritual Direction:

Belinda Biedermann: Inner Place Making
Solveig Nilsen-Goodin: Interfaith Spiritual Center 

Life and Career Coaching, just for men:

Mark Newton:

Sex coaching for women and couples:

Kristine D’Angelo:
Gretchen Shanks:

Holistic Health Care:

Dr. Juniper Martin, ND:
Dr. Louise Tolzmann, ND. Oncology specialist:
Dr. Beckett Cohen, chiropractic affirming LGBTQA+ community:
Dr. Korin Rasmussen, family chiropractor:
Kiné Fishler, Acupuncturist:


Campbell Salgado Studio:
Bill Roberson:
Jen Downer:

Yoga and Pilates:

Free Love Yoga: