Cultivating Self Nurture

The art of caring for yourself, as tenderly as you care for everyone else.

Self Nurture is at the heart of a healthy, joyful life. As women, we are gifted at caring for others and yet we often neglect to fully nurture ourselves. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or resentful are signals from your spirit to reconnect with your own needs.

Practicing Self Nurture will transform YOUR life and relationships:
  • Deepen your presence with your loved ones
  • Communicate fully from your heart
  • Embrace self-acceptance
  • Connect with the wisdom of your body
  • Renew your energy and passion for life

In a small group setting, we will explore Self Nurture through authentic sharing, engaging exercises and powerful visualizations. You will uncover your own path to tenderly caring for yourself and discover practical solutions that will enrich your daily life.

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Living On Purpose

As women, when we are aligned with the values of our hearts and living with intention, we are powerful and creative beings.

By Living On Purpose you will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your inner obstacles
  • Align your actions with the values of your heart
  • Claim your unique purpose in life
  • Set powerful intentions and take clear actions to achieve your goals
  • Create more meaning and passion in your life

In a small group of like-minded women, we will explore Living on Purpose through authentic sharing, engaging exercises and powerful visualizations. We will meet twice per month for three months, with on-line support and workbook activities to supplement the live sessions. The accountability and support of working with other women is life changing!

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Women’s Creativity Group

Would you like to make creativity a focus for 2014? Would gathering with a small, like-minded group of women who are also being more intentional in making time and space for creativity be helpful for you?
If so, this Women’s Creativity Group will inspire and motivate you!

Creativity is the act of generating your ideas and feelings into a unique perspective or form. It does not have to be “art!” Gardening, problem-solving, writing in your journal, imagining your future…and many more simple daily acts can be supercharged with creative energy! And if you are focusing on an art or craft project, this group will give you the support you need to stay on track.

Together we will explore common obstacles to creativity, participate in playful and mindful exercises, take some field trips, and hold each other accountable for making time for intentional and creative action.

Please join this group if you are ready to commit at least two hours per week to embracing your own creativity. (And yes, everyone is creative…you just need to discover YOUR way!) We also meet twice per month, days and times to be decided by the group. An online support group through Facebook will also be available as well.

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