Since the recession, I have had more career coaching clients come into my practice even though I have always thought of myself as a life coach. It seems that the economy crashing encouraged people, even ones who still had fairly secure jobs, to question how they were investing so many of the precious moments of their lives. I have heard new clients say they want more: fulfillment, meaningful work, personal satisfaction, a sense of making a difference, creative expression…and more.

I have grown to love the process of helping my client become more clear about who they are and how to make money authentically through their career choices. And, I realize the job market is still tight. To me, this is more of a reason to know specifically what you want and what you have to offer!

I recently came across this really cool chart  by Dorthy Shapland of Ask Ms. Dorthy and have been using it with coaching clients. We brainstorm lists into each circle, seeking that sweet spot where the client’s strengths and interests meet what the world needs and will pay them to do. How does your career fit into this picture?

purpose chart