I often work with women entrepreneurs who identify closely with their businesses. They want their business to match their values, represent the best aspects of themselves and positively impact others. Some people call this “Soul-Centered Business”.

Recently, I took a wonderful workshop with a small one-woman company called Good Karma Marketing, Small Actions Create Big Results! Besides developing a marketing plan that really works to serve my clients (rather than sell to them), I also was able to refine my USP (unique selling proposition). This is the central message that allows your clients to know who you are and what is special about what you offer.

I wrote a short blog about clarifying your USP for Mamapreneurs, Inc., if you are a business owner, you are going to want to read it!

Are you curious about my USP?

It is simply: I know and believe in women and inspire them to know and trust themselves.

Clarity is my central message. When my clients have clarity they feel empowered to take action, they know what choices to make, are more intentional and aligned with purpose. They trust themselves, so that no matter what they are working with: business development, relationship challenges, health habits, life transitions…they know what steps to take.