Happy first day of Spring! The energy of blooming trees and warmer weather can be invigorating, calling us into action. It is time to plant seeds, both literally and intentionally. Look back over the deep rest of winter and be curious– what did you learn? How do you need and want to grow now?

Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice tend to get more hurrah! The longest night and the longest day take us into peaks and valleys of the human experience. But now our night and daylight are equal– a deep pause between inhale and exhale. It is a middle space. We aren’t yet what we will become this summer and we are no longer what we were in the depths of winter.

This middle space can invite us into deeper complexity. It asks us to be in the both/and versus the either/or mindset. To hold the contradictions rather than slide into the simplicity of binaries. This is an important aspect of clarity. You can feel both sad and relieved. You can want to be alone and crave connection. You can feel both burdened and inspired. We are always many things at once, the facets of our personalities are not easy to categorize. And we are living in complex times that require this type of open inquiry.

So let this first day of Spring invite you into a middle space of seeing all sides. Experience the joy of sunlight and the rest of darkness.

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