* Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I’m not currently offering massage therapy *


Nurturing Massage Session, $95

I believe that massage therapy is a sacred experience of positive touch and I hold space for my clients to have a healing connection to their body and its innate wisdom. I am particularly skillful at making my clients feel safe and at ease no matter what they might be going through in their lives. From chronic stress and pain to grief and anxiety, I am comfortable working with you just where you are.

This integrative session is an eclectic blend of relaxing massage, gentle stretching, energy balancing and craniosacral therapy.

Since we will not be billing your insurance for this session, the price includes a payment at the time of service discount. If you would like me to bill your insurance, please schedule a therapeutic medical massage.

**If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, send me an email with the information and I will mail your gift to your friend. You can send me a check or I will send you a credit card invoice to pay securely online.

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Therapeutic Medical Massage Session, $120

Treating injury-related pain and muscle hypertonicity, medical massage will support your body in healing and releasing physical trauma from a chronic condition, accident or illness. If you want me to bill your insurance, I require a prescription from your medical doctor or chiropractor with appropriate diagnosis codes. I will bill your PIP insurance, Worker’s Comp insurance or health insurance. I am currently in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and PacificSource and can bill out of network for MODA. I bill per 15 minute unit at the contracted rate with your insurance company. Some insurance plans allow you to chose your provider and they will reimburse you so do call to find out.

If you need to pay out of pocket for therapeutic medical massage, the listed price includes a payment at the time of service discount.

I use deep tissue massage, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, manual therapy techniques and traction/stretching to aid in your body’s healing process. I will do detailed charting and billing and communication with your insurance company for this session.

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Pregnancy or Postpartum Session, 95$

I am certified in both prenatal and postpartum massage therapy. Working with women in the childbearing years adds a level of complexity and you want to trust and feel confident about your provider. Over the past thirteen years, I have supported many women in feeling more connected to their bodies and babies, in having less pain and preparing for birth and early mothering with more ease.

During the later months of pregnancy, we work in a comfortable side-lying position. Many women are surprised at the effective work we can do in this position. We address common discomforts of pregnancy, emotional stress and any specifics problems you are having. We will also do energetic balancing and craniosacral therapy

This price includes is for payment at the time of service. I