In working with busy women, one theme I notice is that they often have trouble asking for and receiving help and support. Many of us identify with being in the role of supporter and nurturer and it can be a challenge to step back and let someone else give us the very thing we give so freely to others.

“Asking for help is a sign of weakness,” is a common limiting belief in our culture. We may not believe it consciously, but it operates on an unconscious level making us feel less than when we can’t do everything (perfectly) ourselves.

The truth is that asking for help is a sign of empowerment and intelligence. Can you really be the successful, fulfilled woman you want to be, the kind of mother, professional, partner and/or community member, without the support and resources that other people can offer?

I wrote an article for the Tranquil Parent about the value of asking for help and how it is actually a gift to others in your life. Give it a read!