It’s autumn! I, for one, find real delight in the crispy leaves, the cooler evenings, and the comfort of a regular school schedule. Autumn always makes me feel awake.

Having said that, I also wonder if that pesky leak in my basement will reappear with the rain. And what about my middle schooler’s escalating homework troubles? There are also some family issues that are heating up; how should those be dealt with? And, oh my, what about the impending holidays?!

No transitions, even simple seasonal ones, come without upheaval.

Sometimes, this is just fine; life requires small adjustments pretty much all the time. But what about the big transitions? What about the ones that really throw us off?

In these situations, communication can go sideways, anxiety can increase, and we can find ourselves in new situations in which we feel uncomfortable, unprepared, or unhappy. It’s very normal for this to happen, and very understandable. And it can be very demoralizing!

Studies have shown that stress (especially prolonged stress) can diminish our functioning, both mentally and physically. This is not new information, but it’s worth pausing and thinking about. If our cognitive abilities are reduced and the body is running at a lessened capacity, we need to be careful about putting even higher demands on ourselves. Isn’t it interesting that the demands on ourselves go up while our ability to function might be going down?

We all have stress in our lives, so what are we supposed to do? How do we keep our cognitive functioning on board in these situations?

When you find yourself in a tough transition, it’s helpful to pause and ask yourself the following questions:

• Am I just gritting my teeth to get through this difficult time?
• Do I like the trajectory of these changes?
• Am I feeling like I’m being heard and my needs are being met? How am I treating myself when I’m stressed?

It’s hard enough to ask ourselves these questions; it’s even more difficult to know what to do with the answers we might find.

How am I treating myself when I’m stressed?! Lousy, thank you very much!

Yup, I hear you.


This is where a skillful coach comes in. A life coach provides a judgement-free space for you to comb through your challenges; a space for deep listening and empathetic validation. It’s a place to slow down and really take stock. Truly, what’s happening for you right now? Get real about it! If you’re busy telling yourself “I should…” or “why aren’t I…” then you’re trying to move forward on a story your mind is telling you. This is shaky ground, and a good coach should help you get your feet solidly planted in what’s real, right now. Reality is a solid launching point for progress!

Coaching isn’t something that happens to you or for you; it’s a process of deep involvement between two people working as a team. It should happen at your speed, and it should provide the support and accountability necessary to help create positive change in your life.

This is the work that I love!

I find autumn to be a really inspiring time, and I’d like to offer a complimentary Foundation Session to anyone who is also feeling inspired. This is a $115 value, and the offer will be good through October of this year. Please email me at [email protected], ask any questions you may have, and we’ll find a time to talk!

As the weather continues to change, may we all weather the changes in our lives with peace of mind, contentment in our daily work, and joy in our interactions with ourselves and others. And if those things are feeling elusive right now, I’m here to help!