What a privilege it is to have an opportunity to be here with the Nuture Life Community! Because I’ve known Savannah for a couple of years now, I have a real understanding of what a lovely group of people are drawn to her wonderful energy. I certainly was when I approached her for coaching back in 2020. Her warmth, her openness, and her humor put me instantly at ease, and we quickly found a real vibe with each other. She’s really good at finding the vibes, isn’t she?

And at that point, I felt so grateful to have found such a great coach!

When it came time for Savannah to make a huge shift in her career, she and I found that we were able to turn to each other and create opportunity out of an otherwise difficult situation. And then I felt the gratitude really start to flow!

Savannah and I had found real commonality in each other as coaches, and this led to an outcome in which I was offered the privilege of working with her former clients, and she was able to breathe a sigh of relief that her clients, the people she holds so dear, had the option of working with someone she trusts.

A leap of faith, combined with very careful processing, led to a situation that generated gratitude in every part of my being.

But it’s easy to feel gratitude when something good happens in our lives. It’s a harder thing to feel when our minds are barraged by anxiety, need, or a never-ending task list. In short, it’s hard to attune to gratitude while we are navigating this human existence. It’s no one’s fault… it’s just difficult while we’re juggling so much.

And here’s something I invite you to be on the lookout for! And this is important! If you find yourself berating yourself that you SHOULD feel more grateful in your life, pay attention to that thought. This harsh thought does not cultivate gratitude; it tends to cultivate guilt. Big difference! And if you do have these thoughts, please hold them gently. They’re just one of the ways our minds try, and try really hard.

I invite you, as you read this, to look into yourself. What puts a little light in your heart? What makes you breathe a little easier? What fills you with warmth? If you find something that triggers those feelings, THAT’S what gratitude feels like. If you can’t find anything right now, that’s ok. Keep an eye out and see if you can spot it in the little things that might enter your day.

Keep it up! It’s a practice! I’ll be working on it, too. And in the meantime, I wish you all the light, the breath, and the warmth that makes our days flow a little better. This opportunity to be here with you today is something I’m truly grateful for. Thank you for that!

-Stephanie Bekooy