Our culture is focused on doing. From to-do lists to getting things “done”, our value is often measured by our productivity. The Industrial Revolution (think job specialization and assembly lines) began a new era of technology and progress. And the good old “work ethic” was born!

While this has brought us incredible innovation and knowledge, we  have also created a society of people who are disconnected from nature, from their own bodies and from each other. We are busy and we are stressed.

As a Personal Coach, I often see clients who are excited about discovering their life purpose. One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is supporting women as they get crystal clear about what they are commited to in their lives!

Unfortunately, we have learned that our purpose is all about what we are doing.

Because of this misconception, we believe that our purpose is our job (teacher, doctor, designer), or the roles we play (mother, daughter, friend) or the actions that we take (feed the homeless, care for sick people, save the world).

But what happens when you can’t get the job that you dream is your ultimate purpose? What happens when your kids leave home? What happens if you can’t save the world?

I truly believe that your purpose is not what you do but who you be. You see, everything that you do is informed by who you are being. When you are clear about your motivations, your values and your gifts and strengths, you can infuse your life with a purposeful being-ness.

And you might notice that you slow down a little, shift your perspective from getting things done to making meaningful connections, and find more fulfillment in your life!

If you want to discover more about your life purpose, join me for the Living On Purpose Coaching Group. The next one starts at the end of April!