I am proud to announce that I have a new office space in the thriving Montavilla Business District in Portland, Oregon. It was a very quick move as Jyoti Family Wellness Center (my previous location) was asked to leave with only a couple of months notice so the landlord can remodel. It was hard to leave my sweet nest of 7 years! I will miss collaborating with the amazing ladies of Whole Mama, Whole Child Chiropractic as well.

Change can be scary, heartbreaking, anxiety-producing, and exhausting. As a matter of fact all growth processes can feel a bit like having your skin peeled away. And yet, change can also be very clarifying and nourishing. As a life coach, I have the honor to be an ally with my clients in the change process and I learn every day from their wisdom and grace.


In the words of the wise Pema Chödrön, “Whatever is happening is the path to enlightenment.”

Moment by moment we can choose to see what occurs as a problem or as an opportunity for growth. Guess which one leads to greater empowerment and happiness?

I do hope you will visit me in my new office space at 7911 SE Stark, Suite E!  I will be having an open house in mid-May, stay tuned! Thank you to Angela Austin, the very talented Space Coach for designing, decorating and organizing my new space!