In my work as a life coach, I see that Imposter Syndrome is everywhere. I’d say the vast majority of people have some version of it that they grapple with. If you’re supposed to be an expert about something (anything!), there is probably the hidden fear that you’ll be found out, exposed, or otherwise revealed as not having all of the answers.

The reason behind the prevalence of Imposter Syndrome? It’s a setup from the very beginning. Our culture puts people in roles, be they professional, familial, social, or whatever. In these roles, we’re seen as just that: a role. But! The fact is that we’re humans before we’re anything else, and being human intrinsically means that we are living on a growth curve all the time. The tidbit no one seems to want us to know? NO ONE, not one single human alive, has all the answers all the time. No one. Why? Because things keep changing!

So what do we do when we’re expected to have all the answers anyway? Here is a very simple formula to follow when you feel the grip of Impostor Syndrome setting in:

  1. Recognize the fear: people will find out that I am not embodying an idealized version of this role and I’ll be revealed as not worthy. This is an extremely isolated place: it’s me alone, facing off against them.
  2. Offer yourself a voice of truth: the truth is, I’m grappling with the ever-changing realities, challenges, and growth that this role represents, and so is everyone else (even my boss, or my mom, or whomever). 
  3. Remember the secret: Mastery has nothing to do with knowing all of the answers all of the time, but is actually about understanding why I make each decision I make as I grapple with the endless learning curve of being alive. If I can grasp this idea, I can become a master of mastery.

What does this mean? It means you’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them! By embracing curiosity, learning, and growth, we can fully engage with our roles while simultaneously embracing our humanity. As we continue to grow, we gain confidence in understanding the reasons behind our decisions, allowing us to explain them confidently to others. And just like that, there’s nothing left to hide!

Anyone can apply this information, but we all know that getting support can be the real game changer. My coaching work around Impostor Syndrome allows you to explore the real ins and outs of your personal situation. What are your specific concerns? Your specific obstacles? And what beliefs do you hold that are getting in the way of your progress? How can you really lean in and enjoy your engagement with the world?

I’m here and ready to help with Imposter Syndrome or any other perspective shift that needs to happen in life. Please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation, or send any questions to [email protected]. I’m here to help!