Happy Spring Dear Ones! Are you feeling that sunshine lighting you up and giving you a little energy boost? Are the first blooms (here I see Trilliums on my almost daily walks at Powell Butte and various bulbs coming up in my yard) reminding you that after the dark of winter, what was sleeping can come awake again? Nature shows us– what you tend does grow. Like the seeds you plant in your garden, what you give the most attention will flower in your life. In my life and career coaching practice, I focus on values-based action. The most impactful and sustainable actions we take come from the clarity of what is most important to us.


Take a few breaths and a few moments to reflect on your inner compass. What gives you the most joy? What would you fight for/can’t live without? What do you stand for or believe in deeply? These are your values. They aren’t feelings (which come and go like weather), they aren’t goals (which come FROM values), they are guiding lights that point us to our most true selves.

Spring is a glorious time to reflect on values and then take values-based action. Choose one actionable goal that feels doable and resonate for you and channel some of this spring aliveness into it daily. Keep it simple. Keep it connected to your values. Here’s an example– one of my core values is Radical Love (this is love that is deep, unconditional, accepting, and at the root of how I want to be with others). An action I have been practicing this season is being more present with people I care about. How that looks is active listening, setting aside distractions, and seeing the wholeness of the person in front of me.

If you decide to identify a value and then create an action plan to live into, send me a quick note or comment and let me know what you choose!