Do you feel like you are constantly scrambling to do everything? Some days I feel like I am juggling 100 balls and at any moment, they might all fall down around my feet. My post this past week in the Tranquil Parent is on getting clear about where your time goes and includes some time saving organizational tips.

I find that the more present and mindful I am with whatever I am doing, the more I accomplish and the easier it is to prioritize. Asking a question like: “How does this (activity) support my values right now?” can really help me to say No when I feel conflicted. Likewise, saying Yes in moments when my toddler is asking for my attention or a client is needing some deep listening helps me to clearly focus.

I know I will never magically turn into the Zen Mama I sometimes imagine I can be…but for one moment at a time, I can choose to be fully present. And those moments do add up!