The new year often feels like a fresh start and in my coaching practice clients are ready to set intentions. As you know, I’m a big fan of being intentional! And yet, it is the dark of winter and we are still recovering from the busy holiday season. In other words, now is a time to move more slowly, not dash into big goals. I encourage my clients to use this time to mindfully reflect on the 2018 so that their inner knowing can illuminate what needs to be shed, changed and created for 2019.








If that sounds nourishing to you, here are some reflection questions to get you started (self-select all that apply):

  1. What was the biggest lesson for me in 2018?
  2. In what areas did I experience growth?
  3. What were my biggest disappointments and challenges?
  4. What do I still need to grieve and release from last year?
  5. If last year was a story and I was a central character, how would I describe myself?
  6. What did I take part in that was bigger than myself last year? What impact did I have?
  7. Who needed me? Who did I show up for?
  8. What do I hope is different in 2019?
  9. Which habits or behaviors could I change that would help me be more the self I hope to be? What is the very first small step I can take?
  10. What does my community need from me this year? How can I resource myself enough to show up fully?