One of the most important truths that you (all my life coaching clients, friends and colleagues) have taught me is that growth is a messy, circuitous and creative process. It is not linear and not always predictable.

Look at nature. I mean right now (look out a window if you can’t go outside). Everything around you grows in cycles and phases, right? There is no natural law that confirms the human concept of endless, linear growth. Despite what capitalism says, nothing in nature (nothing real) can have boundless growth without doing serious harm.

Likewise, when you push yourself too far, too fast and too effortfully, you wear out. You lose your connection to yourself. You confuse your drive for your intuition. And you get so frustrated when life doesn’t respond to your demands.

By PetitPoulailler / ThreeFrenchHens
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Let’s try to grow more like your favorite tree or plant–periods of growth with periods of rest (fallow, leaves lost, shrinking down to the roots). Responding to the community where you are planted and accepting the support and nourishment offered.  Being the actual kind of plant or tree that you are (self-acceptance) and blooming your own beautiful way.

I promise that this is revolutionary. We live in a culture of striving, comparison/competition, oppression, war-mongering, consumption…none of this is natural to the essence of who you and I (and our plant friends) are. Let’s grow in our own silly, authentic and easeful ways, shall we?