So blessed! ”I’ve known Savannah for over 14 years. She guided me back from postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter many years ago and recently I have sought life coaching from her. Empathetic, kind and intelligent – I feel “heard” and understood for the first time in years. Her metaphors, humor and guidance have lifted me from a place of old, toxic patterns. She is, without question, the most emotionally gifted and empathetic human I have been fortunate enough to have in my life.”

L.J. Educator, Mother, Your Content Goes Here

Wise Intuitive Experience With Practical Solutions! “Working with Savannah has been a rich and wonderful experience. She immediately grasps what is important and hones in on it, even things I might have written off or not paid attention to. Her experience and resources helped me navigate a particularly challenging situation quickly and easily, saving me a lot of time and stress. My view of what is possible has expanded to include parts of myself and my life that I had forgotten about or given up on, and now I have a plan for how to get there.”

L.V. Artist, Your Content Goes Here

Consistently transformative sessions! ”I first saw Savannah 3 years ago for about 5 months. I was a new mom and unhappy with my career decisions. Seeing her really helped to calm and ground me, and also to trust my own intuition about my next steps. I came back to see her recently and have found the same consistently transformative feedback and guidance. Seeing Savannah, I believe in the power of coaching to help me live the way I want to live my life. Every time, I feel more centered and confident about where I am going.”

A.Q., Health Coach, Your Content Goes Here

You should really call Savannah today…”Savannah is simply the best. She listens with compassion, humor and intelligence, and helps you come to your own conclusions. She has a real gift for cutting through the confusion and extraneous information. You leave a session with incredible clarity and energy for moving forward. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

J.W. Artist, Business owner, Your Content Goes Here

Best of both worlds!”Savannah is great! And so is her unique, custom tailored services in exploring new career avenues and exploring healing through her awesome body work. Highly recommended!!”

C.F., Mama, Entreprenuer, Your Content Goes Here

Savannah is my champion! “Savannah is supportive in such an intuitive, nurturing and non-invasive way. Her consistent ways of checking in and sharing insight helps me to feel grounded and supported in trying out new ways of integrating with the world around me. I feel heard and seen and understood. I am thankful for her way of holding me accountable to living my authentic life.”

A.M., Artist, Your Content Goes Here
  • Dear ones, we are entering the Fall season and we have an auspicious Full Moon in Pisces (think creativity, intuition and deeply felt emotions) on a Friday the 13th (goddess magic, before patriarchy claiming feminine power was "evil")! I took this photo in a liminal space between land and sea on a potent trip with my family. [...]

  • One of the most important truths that you (all my life coaching clients, friends and colleagues) have taught me is that growth is a messy, circuitous and creative process. It is not linear and not always predictable. Look at nature. I mean right now (look out a window if you can't go outside). Everything around you grows [...]

  • Happy first day of Spring! The changes of season invite us connect to the rhythms of nature and in my life and career coaching, I find it helpful to tune in. Most of us living in the First World aren’t as impacted by the seasons as our ancestors or our human family living in subsistence cultures. I [...]

  • Have you ever had an aha moment that feels just like the sun bursting through the clouds, a wide blue sky suddenly opened up for you? I have. And I've seen my life coaching clients faces brighten with the same experience. One of my joys as a life and career coach is to teach my clients how to create the conditions [...]

  • This week is a good time to remember the scientifically proven benefits of gratitude! One of the reasons clients come to life coaching is their desire to focus on what is already working well, to build on their resources and strengths and to shift into a more creative mindset. Photo by Kathryn, shared via Flickr [...]

  • I had the pleasure of seeing Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love," speak this weekend in Portland, Oregon while on tour promoting her new book on Creativity and Fear! In Life and Career Coaching, FEAR is a common denominator for all of my clients. Because they are walking into some kind of unknown territory and because [...]

  • When you are in a change or decision-making process, it's easy to get caught up in a state of urgency and feel driven to "figure it out NOW." Your nervous system goes on high alert and you might even lay awake at night worrying and planning. Your body tightens, your thinking narrows and your Research shows that [...]

  • If you could dial up your eight-year-old self, what would she tell you is missing in your life right now? Who was that little kid and just where did she go? Carl Jung once said: "What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Therein lies the key to your earthly pursuits." [...]

  • Do you know what it feels like to be awake to your life? Present, curious, open, empowered, enlivened... Do you know that most of us spend part of our precious lives in a trance instead of being awake? We are thinking about the past or worrying too much about the future,  feeling stuck or immobile, caught up [...]

  • A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ted Sarvata of The Purpose Podcast. We explored purpose as a state of "being" and how to discover your own purpose. I propose that each person has an innate purpose:  being the most authentic, talented, loving version of yourself! I hope you take a [...]

  • Most of the clients that come my way for life coaching are longing for more clarity. They have a nagging sense that something is missing but aren't sure what it is. Or, they feel certain about what they want, but don't know how to manifest it. Sometimes, they just feel an overall sense of confusion about their [...]

  • Sometimes clients are surprised by how much we laugh during coaching sessions!  I have discovered that a playful and curious attitude toward even the trickiest problems helps to engage the creative and intuitive parts of the brain. Albert Einstein once said, "Play is the highest form of research." My clients are smart, conscious individuals who would "logic" [...]

  • There is a simple yet profound attitude shift that can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself as you focus on achieving your goals. As a recovering perfectionist (is there a 12 step group for us?), I have experienced great relief in shifting my mindset from "be good" to "get better." Photo by [...]

  • Sudden anger, lingering frustration, resentment that sends you muttering under your breath, the deep ache of longing, bouts of sadness, that familiar trapped feeling of stuckness: all of these are signals from your spirit, like a fever calling you back to well-being. Over the 9 years that I have held sacred space with my clients, I have [...]

  • Take a moment right now and ask yourself this question: "What kind of thoughts have I had today?" Have your thoughts been sprinkled with gratitude, enlivened with possibilities and creative in solving problems? Or, did you get mired in worry, self-doubt and negativity today? If you notice that you have been focusing more on the 1/2 empty [...]