Imagine you had to be with someone 24 hours per day and share everything from sleep to relationships to your deepest emotional experiences. Would you be wiser to make this individual your ally or your enemy? Would acceptance and trust be more helpful than resistance and resentment? What if the way you treated her impacted every area of your life…would you be kinder?

Each of us has a relationship just like this in our lives.

You might wonder who this could be, but it’s your own body!

Sometimes we treat our bodies like enemies rather than the resource that they are. We try to reject, change and blame our bodies and sometimes even abandon them by living more in our heads.

Regardless of the challenges your body has, from food allergies to chronic illness, working with (rather than against) her is the path to greater freedom.

Your body is wiser than your mind can comprehend. She can help you heal emotional pain, make clear choices and find your equilibrium. No matter how many times you feel like she has let you down, treat her with compassion and understanding (as you would anyone you love).

Talk to your body as you would your dearest friend. Let her guide and support you to greater wholeness. Listen carefully to her messages.

She isn’t going anywhere without you.