I have a bone to pick with the New Age philosophy the “law of attraction.” While movies like “The Secret” can be cheesily inspiring and even teach people the importance of being aware of their thoughts, I am regularly irritated by the gimmicky feel of “law of attraction” thinking.

Being intentional because it will get you what you want seems to me to be a consumerist version of spirituality.

I suggest being more present and mindful because it connects you with the wisest, most authentic aspects of yourself despite your circumstance and regardless of whether you get what you want or not.

Being intentional guides you to live by your values with a more open-heart, even if it doesn’t always take you down your expected path. You will have more access to your inner resources and and better able to creatively meet life’s challenges, which will come even if you have an affirmation that claims otherwise.

Does focusing your thoughts and feelings (and therefore your actions) sometimes result in a more positive outcome? Absolutely! But, the expectation that it always will can lead to disappointment and self-doubt during the inevitable twists and turns of life.

Go ahead and apply your Jedi mind powers to the mysteries of life…but be prepared for the picture to be bigger than your limited vision. And when it is, be present and intentional anyway, simply because you will enjoy your life more if you do.