I am so thrilled to be a part of the Portland Mama Makeover essay contest giveaway! We had more than 200 women apply and so many who really deserve the nurturing of this special opportunity. So much so that we decided to choose 4 runners-up! If you want to read about the mamas who were chosen and all the self-care they are going to experience, check out the Mama Makeover site!

I have been in contact with the winner Andrea Moore and can’t wait to start our 6 life coaching sessions! She is a truly committed mama to Sophia, almost 12, Maddy, 2 and a half, and their Angel: Michael Dominic who lived 15 days on earth. She is healing from the loss of her precious baby and ready to focus some attention on herself and “start living again.” This 8 week holistic makeover will give her the support and tools that she needs to do just that. If you want to follow her journey and cheer her on every step of the way, please bookmark the Mama Makeover blog where she will be posting updates!

It is an honor for me to work with women who are truly ready for positive change and greater clarity in their lives!