One of the (many) reasons that life coaching works is the focus on what is already going well. When clients are ready to make important changes in their lives, I often turn their attention to what is already working for them. In other words,  gratitude.

It can be easy to focus on problems. The big brick wall you see standing between you and the man/job/creative venture/ect… of your dreams is hard to miss. But, if you are only looking at that cold, rough surface, you might forget that you have scaled walls before and even have a special skill you can use. Or maybe you are so entranced with how tall the wall is, you don’t take the time to see if it is really as long as you feared. Did you forget about all the friends you have who could hold the ladder while you climb?

The benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven. Robert Emmons of UC Davis performed a series of studies on gratitude with some of the following results:

  • Those who kept a gratitude journal exercised more frequently and had fewer physical symptoms
  • They had better success with a large range of personal and professional goals
  • They were more likely to help someone else or offer emotional support
  • A group with neuromuscular disease reported better energy levels, mood and sleep

Is there an area of your life where you would like to have more clarity or fulfillment? Do you have a big change you navigating? If so, make gratitude a regular practice; I promise that it will open your heart to greater possibilities!