Photo by Campbell Salgado Studio

The 2010 Portland Mama Makeover is coming to an end this week. It has been an amazing experience to work with Andrea Moore, this year’s winner. I had the honor of being her personal life coach for this healing journey; we cried, laughed and dreamed together over the two months.

After weekly sessions of Pilates, acupuncture, bodywork, coaching and more, the changes in her are dramatic. She is stronger, sits up taller and holds herself with more intention. Her after-makeover photo session with Campbell Salgado Studios speaks volumes about the difference this experience has had in her body.

Her energy level has increased and she often talks about a new feeling of “aliveness.” She has had some incredible moments of clarity that are opening doors in her life in several directions. I can’t wait to see which ones she chooses to step through!

Andrea wrote a tender blog about our coaching work together. If you want to be inspired by a woman who is truly willing to live fully, even after suffering a devastating loss, take a moment to read her story.

I am already looking forward to next year’s Mama Makeover!