Photo by Extra Medium via Flickr

One of my coaching buddies sent me a link to a meaningful blog post about how we commonly  answer the question, “What do you do?” The most common response is to answer in terms of our work/career or for parents staying home with children, our family status.

But you are so much more than just the job you do (even if you love it) and only defining yourself by your relationships isn’t enough either.

In my Living On Purpose group for women, we explore life purpose as who you are rather than what you do. Your beingness is expressed through the activities and roles you play in your life, but it is not hostage to them. Take a moment to read this inspiring blog by Melani Marx as she answers the “What do you do?” question in a unique and authentic way.

Feel free to leave some thoughts in the comments about how you would like to respond to “What do you do?” a new way!