In my experience with my coaching clients, myself and other humans, I have discovered that the misalignment between WORD (what I say I want) and ACTION (what I do about it) comes from one of the following issues:

I don’t really want what I SAY I want.  Instead, I am operating on an assumption about what I think I should want or I am reacting to another person’s expectations or wishes for me.
I am afraid of actually getting what I want. If I do, I might have to live up to an updated identity and will feel exposed and vulnerable. Or, I could get what I want and then lose it…so why try? Fear of getting what I want is like driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas.


Photo by Kate Boydell, shared via flickr

I am not willing to give something up (addiction, habit, reward) in order to take the action necessary to get what I want. I, like most humans, can get stuck in patterns that lead to instant gratification but don’t necessarily lead to reaching my long term goals. Remember, anything I am currently doing has a pay-off! Questioning the pay-off is a good place to start.
I need new tools to take the action that will lead to what I truly want. In order to create real change, I often need new resources. Remember the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting new results”?

If you find yourself relating to any of the above aspects of the human condition, take heart! We are all truly in this together. If you want to align your WORD with your ACTION more regularly, then mindfully notice when you get stuck in one of these very normal patterns and consciously make a choice to shift it. If you need help, I am just a phone call away!