In yoga class today (my favorite embodiment practice), the teacher told a simple but important story. She was hiking in the woods with her young daughter and they came upon an ancient tree into which someone had cleverly built a magical fairy house. The mom was in a rush to finish the hike and make it to an event but was also trying to be patient, allowing time for her daughter’s excitement at the find. As the Mom turned to head back down the path, the child said, “But Mom, we haven’t even gone around to the back of the tree to see what they built there!” The mom laughed, thinking there was surely nothing else behind the tree, wasn’t the cool fairy house enough? But she took a deep (yoga) breath and reminded herself to be present and they climbed around to the back of the tree where–wonder of wonders–there was an even more elaborate fairy house!

by Peppisis, shared via flickr

How many people take the time to be open to what is on the other side of what is known and seen? This young child, expecting even more magic and grace, knew to look around the back of the tree even if the mom, in her rationality, dismissed the idea.

What are you missing right now in your life by not expanding your view? What could you learn if you took the time to walk around the backside and explore more? How can you experiment with expecting wonder and magic?