This week in a life coaching client consultation, I was asked if I believe in affirmations and positivity. I heard myself say, “I believe in truth.”

It seems that affirmations and positivity should be the backbone of coaching work and was certainly part of my initial training. But it never felt deep enough. It never felt right. I went back to school to study Hakomi Therapy, adding tools to my coaching toolbox.

I realized that what is missing for me in positivity is the truth.

Your fears, vulnerabilities, and shadow are all a part of who you are. If we dismiss them and only focus on the positive, then your wholeness is not being seen and understood. What I have discovered by embracing the truth is that it all sorts itself out. Typically when a person is in a “negative state” they aren’t in truth either. We can fully see the half-full and half-empty parts of that proverbial glass when we rest in the truth.

And empowerment, choice and freedom come with the truth far more than with a fake smile and platitude that everything will be okay. So today, ask yourself: What’s the bigger picture? What feels true? What can I experience more fully?