Since I could hold a pencil, I have always known that I was a writer. I filled up my Mead notebooks with stories about adventure, magic and self-discovery (including sketches but I am no visual artist). My little girl self knew about creativity and the power of story and she naturally expressed herself. When I got into UT, I was able to get a scholarship in Creative Writing, based on short fiction that I submitted.

Fast forward over 20 years later: I am still writing (novel in progress) but the power of story has an even deeper meaning to me now. For about twenty session hours per week, I have the privilege of listening to the stories of clients who come to me for life and career coaching.

When I heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak at Oprah’s The Life You Want Conference, her talk on the Hero’s Journey resonated deeply with me.  Does this sound familiar?

  • You realize that the life you have been living no longer fits (you might even feel depressed and hopeless).
  • You feel a strong pull or call to adventure or change. You must leave all that is known and familiar. Note: This is terrifying.
  • You might feel you are getting “signs” or even supernatural aid.
  • There are people or obstacles in your way that must be faced.
  • You go through challenges and temptations.
  • You meet helpers and mentors. Sometimes friends appear to be enemies and enemies turn out to be friends.
  • You go through a dark night of the soul. You question everything.
  • You face your deepest fears, realize your shadow side and come out stronger and more clear about who you are.
  • You return home (or back to a life that is more familiar) transformed.

You can view an interesting chart outlining the hero’s journey on Wikipedia.

The hero’s journey is difficult and it is worth the risk. If you are feeling a strong pull to make important changes in your life, let’s take a look and see if you are being called on your own hero’s journey. I promise you won’t regret responding to the Call.