Sudden anger, lingering frustration, resentment that sends you muttering under your breath, the deep ache of longing, bouts of sadness, that familiar trapped feeling of stuckness: all of these are signals from your spirit, like a fever calling you back to well-being.

Over the 9 years that I have held sacred space with my clients, I have come to deeply trust their grumpy grumblings and tearful admissions.

At a training for advanced students last month, my Hakomi teacher Jon Eisman said something like this: There are only a few existential absolutes that everyone is seeking but a thousand ways to complain about not having them.

And now I ask you, dear one, to trust: “What you are seeking is seeking you.” –Rumi.

Mirror, mirror...

Photo by Thoothulee, shared via Flickr

I am not referring to the “law of attraction.”  I am not convinced that you can summon up your heart’s desire just from believing you already have it. Although, I have seen universal energy line up in surprising and mysterious ways when my clients hold focused clarity.

But I do know for sure that your inner wisdom is rising up to match your longing, that there is a clear voice inside that is seeking you right now. It will give you the direction to follow if you will only listen. And it will surprise you with inspired action. Trust me.

Actually, trust yourself!