What are you calling in to your life on this longest day in the northern hemisphere? This can be a time of new starts, building from the fresh energy of Spring. Build a fire tonight and burn away what you are ready to release and call in what you are ready to experience!

“This is the solstice, the still point
of the sun, its cusp and midnight,
the year’s threshold
and unlocking, where the past
lets go of and becomes the future;
the place of caught breath, the door
of a vanished house left ajar.”
-Margaret Atwood

Nature’s love on Powell Butte, Portland OR

For a connection to a sacred space that is meaningful during Solstice, you can watch the sun rise and set over Stonehenge by viewing the livestream on the English Heritage Stonehenge site. 

Earth based practices during Solstice are celebrated around the world. These rituals have significance because they are celebrated in community and are connected to the rhythms that we all feel if we are paying close attention.

In life and career coaching sessions, I invite my clients to create rituals that help them to be more intentional and present. What will you do today that is meaningful to you?