One of the top reasons I love being a life coach for women is that part of my job is to be true to myself. I can’t hold space for my clients to listen to their own inner truth and follow the clarity of their hearts if I myself don’t do the same! That would just be smarmy.

So Monday morning I was headed to my favorite Vinyasa yoga class, dedicated to nourishing myself through mindful movement. Except I was late. And I was grumpy after a “get dressed for school” battle with my youngest son. Gripping the steering wheel, I blazed through a just-turning-red light and then tailgated a too-slow station wagon.

Do Not Run Red Light!

Photo by Andrew Kalat, shared via Flickr

Staring at the back of the wagon with laser-beam anger in my eyes I heard myself say: “Get the frack (insert even harsher word) out of my way!” It was then that I noticed the bumper sticker on the back of the snail-paced wagon: “Dangerous woman inside.”

Those words immediately softened my grip. You see, part of my message for women is to pay attention to the very important question: “Who are you being?”

Moment to moment we each have many options. Am I going to be the clear, empowered ME or this raging, “dangerous” woman I can be when I am stressed?

And what is the point of going to yoga if the journey there causes me this much stress? It would be better to sit home and watch a soap opera. You see, it isn’t the activity that you are doing that really counts. Rather, it is the attitude, the WHO you are being, that matters most.

Lucky for me, the slow moving wagon gave me a much needed attitude adjustment. I talked down the urgent, crazy woman inside and arrived at yoga (a couple of minutes late) in a more true-to-me state of being.

In this next moment of your own precious life, who are you being?