I read a very insightful article the other day about how self-awareness is the key to lasting change.  If you are visiting my site today because you are longing for positive, sustainable change, please read the article! I want to add an important tool that is missing in the article and one of the most important in my own life and career coaching practice: Self-Compassion.

Self-awareness without self-compassion can actually be very depressing. As we begin to pay more attention and notice our habits, behaviors and all the ways we limit ourselves, we can feel like we are spiraling into defeat. “Its all my fault…why am I this way…will I ever change?”

Self-compassion has all the benefits of self-awareness but is super charged with kindness, acceptance and a loving attitude. It is about being a friend to yourself, despite your human failings, and learning to witness your life rather than feel victim to it. Some clients worry that if they are too compassionate, they will just accept the status quo and not sustain change.  Psychologist Dr. Kristen Neff spent almost ten years researching this very question and came to a different conclusion: “Dr. Neff’s research shows that far from encouraging self-indulgence, self-compassion helps us to see ourselves clearly and make needed changes because we care about ourselves and want to reach our full potential.”

If you want to learn how to implement this life saving tool into your own life, please get in touch with me!