Do you ever find yourself fooled into believing that answers should come to you right away? In this convenience and consumer oriented culture with the world right at our fingertips, we are easily tricked into believing life works like this: You want something. You find it. You get it.

But, through my life and career coaching practice I have learned that our inner wisdom works differently than the internet. Whenever a client complains about being stuck, I get very curious about their process. Are they asking questions with an open heart and mind? Are they willing to be patient while the answer unfolds? Are they taking right action (guided by wisdom) or forced action (guided by the shoulds and have-tos)? Are they asking for help and support? Are they focusing on their dreams or just trying to control this unwieldy thing we call life?


Here is the truth: You aren’t stuck, you are on merely on pause. Like a tea bag brewing in your deepest questions. Like the tender seedlings just about to push through the hard soil. Wait here. I promise you will burst into the light of clarity soon.